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We all know that moving home can be one of the most stressful times of our lives. An added pressure is making sure that your property is left clean enough to get your deposit back. This is where APB Cleaning Services can help, we are dedicated to providing a reliable service for all our clients, aiming to achieve outstanding results every time. With our end-tenancy cleaning service, you will save time and money, and put -your end of lease cleaning obligations behind you. The service is not time-restricted so the job will be finished when it is finished.

Whats the process?

  1. All you have to do is fill in the form on the contact page HERE or call the office on 01995 498849 
  2. I will call you back at a convenient time to arrange a time to come to your home to undertake a free no-obligation quote to determine the type and level of cleaning required.
  3. If you are happy with the quote then we will go ahead a book in a convenient date and time that your clean to be completed.
  4. You will receive a confirmation reminder text about your appointment 48 hours before.
  5. We will meet at the arranged time for access to the property and will call 1 hour before the clean is completed to arrange for the property to be secured.
  6. Once completed. An invoice will be emailed to you which can be paid via, cash, cheque, bank transfer or by Credit/Debit card.

What do we clean?

We aim to clean everything in your home and below is a comprehensive list of all items that we clean during one of our end-tenancy cleaning services, these are broken down by room. (Please note; Oven Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning & External window cleaning can be added on at an additional cost.)

  • Wipe down doors and on top of doors
  • Wipe down skirting boards all wooden furniture carefully of dust
  • Wash windows internally including sills and ledges
  • Clean inside & outside and on top of cupboards / wardrobes
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean coving, picture rail, cornice / curtain rails
  • Clean & polish mirrors, pictures
  • Clean and polish windows internally, window sills, window ledges
  • Clean plugs, sockets, light switches & fittings, lamp shades
  • Clean fire surround and radiators
  • Clean behind and under furniture
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Vacuum and mop hard floors
  • Clean and polish all kitchen cupboards and drawers both inside and out
  • Clean both inside and outside refrigerator & freezer (if defrosted in advance)
  • Microwave is wiped down inside & out
  • Clean all sides of washing soap dispenser, machine, and filters
  • Clean dishwasher and remove limescale.
  • Clean and polish hob & grill
  • Clean, degrease and polish extractor fan
 + filters
  • Remove mould and grease from wall tiles, wash down and polish
  • Clean exterior of all kitchen appliances such as kettle, toaster, etc.
  • Wipe and wash down kitchen countertops
  • Remove lime scale and polish sink / shine taps
  • Clean windows from the inside; wipe down window sills / window ledges
  • Wipe all woodwork (doors, door frames, skirting boards)
  • Wipe down radiators
  • Clean plugs, light switches
  • Vacuum and wash hard floors
  • Clean and degrease inside of oven, polish outside parts ( add-on service )
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean and polish mirrors and picture frames
  • Clean and polish windows internally, sills, ledges
  • Wipe down doors and clean on top of doors
  • Clean skirting boards and wood works of dust
  • Clean light switches & fittings, lamp shades, plugs, sockets,
  • Clean inside, behind and on top of cupboards and furnishings
  • Clean behind and under furniture
  • Dust and polish all surfaces
  • Upholstery vacuumed, cushions moved and cleaned underneath
  • Vacuum and mop hard floors
  • Clean bath and remove limescale
  • Wash shower cabinet / screen from inside and out / de-scale
  • Clean and disinfect toilet from inside and out
  • Wash and de-scale sink / shine taps
  • Wash down tiles, remove mould & wipe tiles
  • Clean & polish mirrors
  • Wipe cupboards/shelving/ surfaces
 and polish stainless steel
  • Clean windows from inside, wipe down window sills/ window ledges
  • Wipe down door/ frames/ skirting boards
  • Wipe clean towel rail
  • Wipe down extractor fan
  • Clean plugs, light switches
  • Vacuum, sanitise & mop floors
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Clean cornice / curtain rails and picture rail
  • Clean / polish mirrors
  • Clean / polish windows internally, sills & ledges
  • Upholstery is vacuumed, cushions are moved and cleaned below
  • Wipe doors and on top of them
  • Wipe all skirting boards and wood works of dust
  • Wipe down banister, stairway, and railings
  • Clean lights switches & lights fittings, plugs, lamp shades, sockets
  • Clean behind, inside and on top of cupboards and furnishings
  • Dust and polish all flat surfaces
  • Vacuum and mop hard floors